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We deliver a range of projects and training sessions, particularly around accessibility and inclusive leadership. From a 90-minute tailored workshop through to a full day session, we offer training in a variety of formats tailored to specific audiences.

Each session is fitted around the needs and requirements of whoever we are working with.

Making your Own Kind of Music

Back view of woman using laptop with 'making my own kind of music' presentation slide open on screen.

Disability Awareness Training

This introductory training course is suitable for all employees and managers. It can be delivered within your Diversity and Equality scheme or your agenda for workplace well-being.

Our training is about taking the 'fear' out of disability to move beyond compliance towards genuine workplace inclusion.

Our course covers:

  • A 'back to basics' overview of disability.

  • An overview of legislation around discrimination and reasonable adjustments.

  • Breaking down the barriers and why it's so important.

  • Practical advice and takeaways.

  • Creating Disability Gamechangers in your organisation.

Accessibility 101

This comprehensive session gives an in-depth overview to break down barriers in your content, communications and workplace. We give hands-on affordable tools so that your business can be set up as an accessible, inclusive brand.

From your social communications through to your business’ services, accessibility is not only a legal imperative, it’s fundamental to a business’ success.

This session can be offered in various formats, from 90 minute sessions through to a full-day workshop.

Inclusive Recruitment

Patchwork Hub's open laptop with presenter's tens machine and medication beside it.

Without an end-to-end inclusive recruitment process, you will not be attracting the strongest candidates for your role.

This introductory session gives an in-depth look at disability in employment and recruitment. From understanding the current landscape to tangible takeaways you can implement today.

1 hour session including Q and A.

Invisible is not imaginary

Over 80% of disabilities are invisible. Yet understanding and representation of invisible disabilities is very low.

This 1 hour bitesize awareness session gives an introduction to invisible disability, neurodiversity and mental health awareness.

The session is beneficial for all colleagues with an interest in creating an inclusive and accessible workplace.

Clients can pick the focus area of the session from the 3 options below:

  • Invisible is not imaginary: Invisible Disabilities

  • Invisible is not imaginary: Neurodiversity

  • Invisible is not imaginary: Mental Health

Becoming Disability Confident

Becoming a Disability Confident employer is a great way to commit to disability inclusion and progress towards a more accessible workplace.

Supporting employers at every stage of their journey, we'll work with you to:

  • Understand the 'Disability Confident' Scheme.

  • Receive your Disability Confident accreditation following our affordable course and support.

  • Equip you with the framework to continue upon your journey.

Woman speaking to another woman across the table.Becoming Disability Confident.


Screenshot of Beth and others laughing on a virtual workshop.

Starting and running your own business can be incredibly challenging, especially on your own.

From individuals looking to make the leap through to sole traders looking to grow their business, we can help.

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