MOKOM provides a specialist consultancy and advisory service, raising awareness around disability and accessibility in the workplace. We offer services ranging from presentations and workshops to expert consultancy. Through our work, MOKOM helps employers make a tangible impact on disability inclusion and accessibility in both recruitment and work.

Disabled people form the world’s largest minority group, yet are often forgotten in ‘diversity and inclusion’ conversations. 90% of corporations declare they have Diversity and Inclusion Policies in place, but disability is often left out of discussions.

MOKOM’s founder, Beth Kume-Holland, has worked with groups across government, the private sector and third sector to help create a more inclusive work culture. From easy-to-implement changes in your recruitment process through to awareness training and fuller accessibility audits, MOKOM can help you make your workplace the inclusive and accessible place you want it to be.

Beth and the team love to connect with new clients, from a one-off event through to an ongoing business relationship. To discuss how we can help,please email hello@mokom.co.uk.

Beth speaking at the Oxford Union.

About Beth

Beth Kume-Holland is an internationally recognised champion and advocate for disability inclusion, inclusive leadership and accessibility. Named in 2022 as one of the 100 most influential disabled people in the UK by The Shaw Trust, she is working to drive a culture change around work, health and disability.

Beth uses her own lived experience of disability to drive people-centric change, focused on creating better working environments for individuals. She works with policymakers and changemakers globally, recently meeting with congressional offices in Washington D.C., representing Massachusetts as a patient advocate.

Closeup shot of Beth holding a microphone speaking on stage.

Beth has professional experience in the disability space, working as Audience and Market Insights Lead at the UK’s main pan-disability charity, Scope. She has also worked for Citi, in the thought leadership team, writing about some of the biggest global challenges of the 21st Century and how businesses should be approaching them. Prior to this, she worked in academia as a predoctoral research fellow at Oxford University, specialising in civil rights and race relations and leading programs to improve access to university for those from less privileged backgrounds.

Most recently, she is founder and CEO of Patchwork Hub, a disabled-led social enterprise and tech platform providing an accessible jobs board, bespoke recruitment services and training/consultancy. They support employer branding, connecting employers to highly-skilled professionals, from disabled people through to carers and parents, who are seeking accessible employment. Alongside supporting jobseekers in finding work, Patchwork Hub also provide training and consultancy services for employers who want to improve their accessibility practices through MOKOM.

Beth smiling in front of Thomas Jefferson Memorial and cherry blossom trees, Washington DC.
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Leadership and professional experience

  • Innovate UK, Women in Innovation Award Recipient
  • Patchwork Hub, Founder and CEO
  • Innovate UK, Young Innovator Award Recipient
  • Citibank, GPS Global Management Team, Associate
  • University of Oxford, Course Co-Ordinator, UNIQ 'Race and Protest' access programme
  • Scope, Audience and Market Insights Lead
  • Unilever Future Leader Programme
  • McKinsey and Company's National Leadership Academy
Beth smiling directly at the camera in a black blazer suit holding her stick.
Beth in graduation robes and mortarboard, Oxford University.


  • Kennedy Scholar, Harvard University and Harvard Kennedy School of Government
  • Predoctoral Research Fellow, University of Oxford
  • Sigma Squared Fellow (formerly Kairos Fellowship)
  • EWOR Fellow
  • Founders of the Future Fellow
  • London School of Economics, Sutton Trust Graduate

"Society needs a massive change in the way we approach our work and health. MOKOM provides employers with the advice and tools needed to be at the forefront of this change. By integrating best practice around accessibility and inclusion into your frameworks, everyone wins. Accessibility is essential for some, but benefits all."
-Beth Kume-Holland